Penelitian Eksploratif Perilaku Gamers Di Kalangan Mahasiswa

Pratama, Prasetyo Yudha, 2009. Penelitian Eksploratif Perilaku Gamers Di Kalangan Mahasiswa. Bogor : IPB

Now day, internet game industry or as we know as game online has growth faster of its. It can connect one people in one area to each other without distance limit. Online games put gamer to prefer communicate virtually than direct communication. The research objectives are to observe gamer’s characteristics and behavior. The observational data acquired from 30 respondents of IPB students, with snowball sampling and purposive sampling. The results of this research are; gamers majority were male gamers, gamers generally plays at game center, gamers had average GPA of 2.51 to 2.75 or above, and play game online for about 22 hours to more than 48 hours in one week. The gamer’s behavior was seen from the pattern of playing games, the pattern of taking care of theirselves and the pattern of the social interaction that tended low when they began to experience addiction, the pattern of the behavior that tended to neglect. Based on the characteristics and the behavior of gamers there’s four typologies that were stratified from non-addicted to high-level addicted. The indicators of addiction based on previous researches began to emerge when gamers was in the type of advanced gamers and hyper gamers or could be said for them that played game online more than 34 hours in one week.

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